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Join us as we discuss Bentley's latest electric plans

Bentley has announced that its first electric car, to arrive in 2025, will be built at the luxury firm’s Crewe plant in the UK. The company has also achieved record-breaking sales for two consecutive years, with the numbers driven by new hybrid variants and customer demand in Asia.

Join us for a free webinar as we discuss all the latest developments with the boss of Bentley, Adrian Hallmark, delving into those impressive sales figures, what it means for the factory in Crewe and how the firm’s electrification plans are shaping up.

Target Price market report

Even segments which were once safe hunting ground for deal-hungry buyers are being hit by supply issues, with savings down to an all-time low of 5%.

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Target Price market report

The continuing shortage of semiconductor chips means dealers can defend their margins well at the moment, but some car makers are still offering discounts of up to 13.1%